The Monthly Kiwi Examples Contest

Forum HTML5 Games Showcase The Monthly Kiwi Examples Contest

  • Submit your best examples to us for inclusion in the Examples suite – and every month we’ll pick one that we think is the cream of the crop and you’ll win a $100 Amazon voucher.

    The examples don’t have to be too elaborate, after all these are meant for other developers to learn from. But they do need to be well structured include plenty of comments, perhaps showing off just a collection of functions really well.

    To submit just issue me with a pull request, or if you don’t like using git you can just email me the js file or a link to it. Make sure the example has your name in the comments at the top of it, so people know who made it and how to contact you should you wish.

    Please understand that if you send me an Example you’re giving me permission to include it in the Kiwi repo¬†even if it doesn’t win. The monthly draw will take place from the 1st of the month to the last calendar day.

    If there are lots of really good examples then I reserve the right to award multiple prizes and/or hold an example back for the following month.

    So please.. let’s see what you can do!¬†:)


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