Below are a few tutorials we have put together to help you get on your way to creating an awesome Kiwi.js game.

Tutorials about a Plugin or Blueprint can be located on the Plugin Tutorials or Blueprints section of the website.

Beginner Tutorials

Using Kiwi.js with Tiled

Mobile Tutorials

Using Kiwi.js with CocoonJS

Kiwi.js Particles

Kiwi and the Chrome WebStore

Advanced Tutorials

Extending Kiwi.js with Plugins

Available Kiwi.js Plugins

Game Blueprints

Want more Tutorials?

We will keep trying our best to add new Tutorials but if you have a question about any of them or come up with an idea for a tutorial that you think others will benefit from then get the forums or contact us about it and we do our very best!

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