About Blueprints

Developing games can get tough. This is especially true if you are learning how to use a game engine and have limited time available in between the regular work you do. Which is why we have started developing and introducing Blueprints.

What is a Blueprint?

By now you probably asking what a Blueprint is? Well to put simply. A Blueprint is template or an outline of a style or type of game. Like for a dress-up or a platform game. They contain an example of that style of game in action, with all the code documented to help you alone.

Its purpose is to help show off a good way of setting up a particular type of games architecture. So that when you come and want to make a game of a particular style, you can view a Blueprint of one and have an idea of a good way to set-up your code and classes.

Now we are not saying that these Blueprints are “the only way to outline your game” or that “they are best way” to do so. They are more just another resource to help speed-up the development time, and give you an insight into ways to set-up your code in ways that we know work.

Who can make Blueprints?

Anyone is allowed to make a Blueprint. If you come up with an awesome Kiwi.JS game and want to turn it into a Blueprint to share with other developers, then visit our Creating Blueprints page to find out how you can create one. And remember to get in touch so that we share it with the world.

Otherwise we will be also developing blueprints and when we do create a new one, will put a link to it on the blueprints page and post about it on our blog.

So keep tuned for more blueprints!

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