Calling all HTML5 developers!

Make money and earn some street cred by creating Plugins and game Blueprints for Kiwi.js and Phaser.

Together we are in the process of developing a brand new marketplace where fellow game developers will be able to monazite their code, products and gaming software within a new and global ecosystem.

Features include:

  • Revenue share system – you don’t pay a dime to upload an list your products, the marketplace will simply take a small share of revenue only on a per product sold basis
  • User friendly – getting your products on the marketplace could not be easier and integrates with Github and Bitbucket
  • Customer support system – when your product is sold all your customer support enquiries will be automatically sent to either your forum or help scout account
  • Promotion via Kiwi.js and Phaser newsletters / web sites / twitter accounts
  • Ability to create product bundles and run sales
  • Translation tools and support

If you’re interested in joining us please contact us and we will get you added to our Marketplace Trello board where we can start talking.

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