Grit your teeth – Damage Pipeline Plugin incoming

Tired of taking the same 10 damage? Want to introduce elemental weakness and resistance? How about stun damage, or energy shields, or a super meter that builds as you take hits? The new Damage Pipeline Plugin has you covered.

Connect nodes and meters, then dispatch packs into the pipeline. This plugin makes it easy to design and modify modular damage systems as you go. Create a fully functional health and armor system in less than 20 lines of code.

In this example, everything is controlled by a damage pipeline. The animation of the health bar, the text alerts, the changing status message… it’s all done by the pipeline. (With a little help from the Primitives Plugin, of course.) Note how we remain unscathed if our armor absorbs the physical blow, thanks to the ability to stack “sub Packs” representing dependent damage types.

To get started with the Damage Pipeline Plugin, check out our easy introductory tutorial.

Then download the Damage Pipeline Plugin from Github. We hope you make something amazing!

HTML5 Gamepad plugin!

Hey guys! If you’ve ever wanted to use your Gamepad in your html5 games you do not have to wait any longer!

The HTML5 Gamepad-Plugin for Kiwijs does just that. It allows you to easily connect up to 4 Gamepads to one html5 game.

Now you will finally be able to make those games you always dreamed of. So go ahead and grab a copy of the plugin from our repository and get coding!


Gamepad-plugin for Kiwijs

Rigid Body Physics System

Physics! A fantastic and awfully complex feature which a lot of games use. And it’s just been made easier in Kiwi.

Today we are happy to announce the ChipmunkPhysics Plugin for KiwiJS. This latest plugin brings the processes of Chipmunk and Kiwi together, allowing you to create games which use the Chipmunk2D rigid body physics library.

Thanks to the fabulous people of Chipmunk2D and those who made a JavaScript port of it. Without them this plugin would not be possible.

Break-apart Kiwi: Example

  • Toggle the debug overlay with the button in the top left corner.
  • Click and drag a shape to move it.
  • Click on empty space in the center of the game to apply gravity.

You can obtain a copy of the plugin from Github. Further information can be found in the tutorial section.

We plan to add more features to this plugin in the future, such as Tilemap support, the possibilities of defining shapes in the Texture Atlas, and more as we think of them. So get in contact if you come up with a idea or would like to help out!

Let us know what you think!

SocialConnect – Latest Kiwi Plugin

Hey Guys! If you are like so many others out there and love Social Media then this latest plugin may just be up your alley!

SocialConnect is a plugin currently under development which is designed to help integrating social media into games easier. Currently this plugin only contains support for Facebook, but we have designed the plugin so that others can be developed and added in the future.

So if you are up for the challenge and want to help add more social media SDKs to this plugin, then grab yourself a copy of this plugin from github and start coding!


You can find the plugin on github.

Documentation and tutorials for this plugin can be found here.