Frequently Asked Questions

Q. There seems to be a bug in the Kiwi Library. What should I do?

A. Nicely spotted. Either head over to our github repository and leave an issue, or go to our support page to submit a bug message.

Q. Why do I get a “Cross origin requests are only supported for HTTP” error when trying to load files?

A. This will occur if you are trying to load files from your local file system. Javascript will not permit scripts to be run on pages originating from the same site due to the same-origin policy.

To solve this you will need to run your kiwi game off a local web server. You can use any typical web server to achieve this but we recommend WAMP for Windows and MAMP for OSX.

Another option is to disable the cross origin policy for your web browser. Note that unless you know what you are doing you should use the method above. This can be a very unsafe method. Details for disabling in Chrome can be found here and for Firefox here.

Q. Why aren’t my HUD elements working?

A. HUD elements are not currently available in games that target Cocoon.js. If you are not targeting Cocoon, then there is most likely an issue with Kiwi.js. Please let us know the problem using our support page.

Q. Unable to build the Kiwi library using Ubuntu?

It has been reported that when using Ubuntu you cannot successfully build the Kiwi library because of the default node and npm version installed with latest Ubuntu. If someone tries to work with default versions installed using apt-get, they can get an error like:
' Unable to find "grunt.js" config file'

The reason for this is because the versions running are older versions of either node, npm or grunt. A fix for this is to delete all references to grunt and grunt-cli:

sudo npm remove -g grunt grunt-cli

Next install latest node and npm version from official website:

  • Downloaded source
  • Make
  • sudo make install

It takes some time, but it should finish correctly.

Once you’ve the new version installed, double check there’s no version
of grunt and grunt-cli on your PC.

Finally, reinstall grunt and grunt-cli from npm:
sudo npm install -g grunt grunt-cli

Head to the KiwiJS repository on your local machine and finally execute “npm install”.

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