Installing the Debug APK returned via CocoonJS

In this tutorial we are going to cover the steps you will need to take to install a CocoonJS complied app onto a Android device.

For this tutorial you will need a Android device to test it on, as well as debug signed APK.

Installing the Debug APK

This section covers how you can install the debug version of the APK onto an Android device for testing.

Copy the APK onto your Android Device.

The first step for you to do, is to copy the debug signed copy of the app on to your Android device. There are a number of ways for you to do this and we have just listed below a single method.

  • Connect device using a USB cable to your PC.
  • Copy the APK to your SD card of your phone.

Once the apk is on your phone you can then disconnect your device from your computer as it is no longer needed.

Run the APK.

With the APK now on your phone, we now need to install the app.

To do so, you will firstly need to access the SDcard from within the phone using a file browser. If you don’t have a file browser application already installed on your phone don’t worry, as there are quite a few on Play store which you can use.

Now using the file browser app, you then need to navigate to where you copied the APK and you should then be able to touch it to install.

You then just need to follow the on-screen prompts and your app should then be installed for you to test.

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