In App Purchasing with CocoonJS – What you need.

Here you will find a list of prerequisites that you will need to have ready/available when wanting to add In App Purchasing to an HTML 5 game/app using CocoonJS.

Before you start development you should first make sure you have everything in list available to you, otherwise you may not be able to use IAP!

General – Both Platforms

Below is a list of items that are required when developing for both platforms (Android/iOS).

CocoonJS Premium Account

Firstly make sure you have a CocoonJS Premium Account!

What is CocoonJS? CocoonJS is a awesome cloud service, which will take your HTML 5 game/app and compile it into native code for Android/iOS devices. It is an awesome service that they provide as they help reduce the number of cross device issues for you and the service is currently free of charge!

The reason you will need to request a premium account is because a normal CocoonJS account will not have access to any Extensions (In App Purchase being one of them). You will be able to test the IAP functionality, but you will be unable to configure any settings. So once you have signed-up make sure you also request a premium account.

When requesting a premium account you will have to fill out a form containing information about why you would need/want one, what you will do in the future with it and once you submit your request it can take a couple of days for them to respond as they do have a lot of requests, so please be patient :)

CocoonJS Signup

Kiwi IAP Plugin (Recommended)

Since you are on the Kiwi website, we will be assuming you are going to be using IAP for use in your Kiwi Game, so you should purchase/download the Kiwi InAppPurchase Plugin.

We recommended this plugin because it makes integrating Cocoon Store Extension into a Kiwi Game a lot easier, has different examples on how to use it and various documentation plus support.

CocoonJS Store Extension

If you have decided not to purchase the Kiwi IAP Plugin, then you will need to download a few of the CocoonJS Extensions to use in your project. These extensions essentially communicate to the native Cocoon interface.

You can view a demo and download the Extensions code on the CocoonJS website.

Android Development Only

This area lists out the specific requirements that you need when developing for Android devices.

Access to any Machine (Window / Linux / Mac)

You will need access to a Windows/Linux or Mac computer. In later tutorials around Android we have used Windows, but it should work on any other OS.

Android Device

Preferably you should have two Android devices to test your App on. The reason we recommend two is because the Google Play account who published the App cannot purchase in app products for that App, so will need a second device with another Google Play account to fully test the functionality once it is released on the store.

Google Account with Developer Console Permissions

In order to publish the app in Google Play, will you need to have a Google Account and will need to register to have access to the Google Play Developer Console.

You can sign up for the android Developer console here.

iOS Development Only

This section lists out the specific requirements that you need when developing IAP for iOS devices.

Access to a Mac

If you are wanting to develop and publish you app for iOS then firstly you are going to need access to a Mac Computer. This is because there are certain programs and procedures that you have follow when doing iOS development which only work on Mac devices.

Access to a iDevice

Secondly you will want access to a iDevice (iPhone / iPad) since you will be wanting to test your app on this before submitting it for approval.

iTunes Account + iTunes Connect

Lastly you will need to have a iTunes Account and are going to have to request permission/sign-up to distribute your content on the AppStore (through iTunes connect).

iTunes Connect

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