Getting Started with Kiwi.js in Javascript

Step 1. Download the Kiwi.js library

You’re going to have a tough time creating cool Kiwi.js games without the Kiwi.js library. Therefore, you need to download the library either by downloading a ZIP version or by cloning or forking the repository here. Unzip this to your local filesystem.

Step 2. Run a basic Hello World program

Once you have the library downloaded, we should run a simple demo to check that it’s all working correctly.

Download and unzip the Hello World test folder. Copy the kiwi.js file, from wherever you cloned or zipped the library, to the Hello World folder. Inside you will also find two files helloworld.html and  kiwilogo.png. Open up helloworld.html using your web browser of choice, we use Google Chrome.

If everything is running correctly the following should appear in your window:

Yay, everything seems to be working correctly.

If nothing appears, or you get an error, ask our team by submitting a help form.

Step 3. Edit the source code

Ok, now it’s time for you to do some coding! We are going to adjust the Hello World test to make the logo spin around on the spot. Not exactly the most exciting plan, but it’s a good way to test everything is working smoothly.

Open the helloworld.html file in your text editor of choice, we use Sublime Text.

Edit the update function so it matches the following:

Now save and reopen the html page in your web browser. You should now see the following:

You can see examples of these games on the Kiwi.js exmaple repo here inside of the tutorials/website_examples folder.

Step 4. Take the next step with our tutorials

Now that you have your system set up, take a look at our beginner level tutorials which will guide you how to use the Kiwi.js specific classes and functions to build simple HTML5 games.

Or, if you’re ready for the more advanced stuff,  jump ahead and look at the advanced tutorials.

Now you can sit back and get game making!

Step 5. Get Involved with kiwi.js development

Head on over to our Get Involved page to learn how you can help the Kiwi.js community expand and evolve.

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