HTML5 Match-Three Game Blueprint

A Match-Three game is a game where you influence tiles in order to make them disappear. In Match-Three games the only way to do this is by swapping them with the tile they are currently adjacent with. The swapping will only occur if the proposed swap successfully creates a match of three of more tiles. Therefore the challenge of a Match-Three game is the identification of patterns on a seemingly chaotic board.

Have you ever wondered how to make Candy Crush Saga or make Bejewelled? Our Match-Three game blueprint will give you the head start that you need to start making your very own HTML5 Match-Three game.


  • Easy to Edit Match-Three Game Template
  • Animated Tiles
  • Editable Assets
  • Resizable Stage and Tiles
  • Recursive Match-Clearing system
  • Able to chose between swiping based system or selection based system

Example Game

To play all you have to do is click and drag a single tile to an adjacent tile. If the tiles that have been swapped make a row or column that is 3 or greater they will be destroyed. This Blueprint allows users to rapidly develop an HTML5 Match-Three game. Enjoy!! The game below has swipe enabled, therefore to make a match click and drag a tile.


Direct Download

Contribute on Github

If you discover a bug or find yourself just wanting to jump on in and help make this blueprint even better please file an issue and get stuck in. We’re a friendly bunch and hope people find themselves wanting to get involved.

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