Using the LEAP Motion Controller Plugin to add gesture controls to your HTML5 game

Hey Guys!! We’ve just published our first tutorial on how to use our new LEAP Motion Controller Plugin! You can take a look at it here! If are interested in learning how to use the LEAP Motion Controller with Kiwi.JS to add motion / gesture controls to your HTML5 game this tutorial is the best place to start!

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Hey guys! We’ve been working on a really cool new Kiwi.JS Plugin that integrates the LEAP Motion Controller into Kiwi.JS games. This means the games that you are making right now will soon have the option to include motion control interface. So much more fun awaits!!

Right now we have most of the functionality from the LEAP Motion API integrated and we are working to get the rest of the API integrated as quickly as possible.

The following examples should serve to illustrate just some of the things that the LEAP Controller Plugin for Kiwi.JS comes with and what you’ll be able to do. How you use it will come down to just your imagination.

This first game is a fun demonstration of what you could use the LEAP Controller for in an actual game. The purpose of the game is to dodge the missiles that are coming from the right hand side of the screen. We are planning on using this game when writing the tutorial on how to use the Kiwi.JS LEAP Controller Plugin.


This second game is just a showcasing of how the LEAP Motion Controller works. The green circle is controlled with the players’ hand and near the hand there are some red circles showing the position of the hands fingers.


The third game is also a showcase of ‘touch’ properties of a finger. This can be used for many things such as drawing and even pressing buttons! The example below shows the position of a finger indicated by a blue circle and how close it is to the ‘touch zone’ of the finger by size of its circle.


We are still working to improve this Plugin, over time we will add new features and we are fully committed to maintaining this code so that you don’t have to. Right now it’s working fine and it’s darn pretty cool too, we hope you guys enjoy it! If you have any ideas for a 2D game, or you want to collaborate, or suggest ideas in general please let us know in the comments below.