Introducing StandOff

QClassSometimes it’s hard to imagine a certain game engine without the game, just look at Flixel and Canabalt. StandOff will be our first signature HTML5 game. Designed as an iPad App StandOff represents a novel two player touch experience, the game brings together a mixture of tower defense and RTS game play.

Each Player is in command of an arsenal of cannons, Troops, Tanks and Tubs. Beginning with methodical strategy, each game promises to divulge into panicked taps on the screen, endless rematches and the occasional broken friendship… or iPad

All this action unfolds in the scutum crux, an empty tract of the Milky Way where the desperate head in search of something better. They call these pilgrims from Earth Tub Jumpers. More often than not these desperate folk become grunts in a war for supremacy over this vast territory – The result is carnage.

For more information on StandOff and our collaboration between IP creators Nyuk Nyuk point your browsers to Stay tuned for regular StandOff updates…