Match Three HTML5 Blueprint Upgraded

Hello to all. Today we are proud to say that, thanks to Uncle Zeiv, the Match Three Blueprint has received a massive rework. This blueprint was in need of update as it was originally created for Kiwi.JS version 0.6.0, which was so last year.

Have a play with the updated blueprint below and let us (and Uncle Zeiv) know what you think!

You can find and download the blueprint on github.


  • Greatly reduced code duplication.
  • Modular architecture with separated classes.
  • Clear documentation throughout the code.
  • Smoother animations using tweens.
  • Tile swap now animates.
  • Abstracted away logical coordinates to screen coordinates mapping.

Dressup Blueprint Updated

If you have been following our github account you would have probably noticed that over the last few days we have just created a few new repositories for a few of our older projects. The two projects I am talking about are the Dressup Blueprint and the Zoe Dressup Game. These were in need of some TLC as not only were created using pre Kiwi.JS 1.0.0, but some of code may have been a bit too convoluted.

Below you checkout the Zoe dress-up game. Sorry, it won’t look much different visually, but under the hood it does!

Want to know how we have done it? If you want to check out the code you can find the links to repos below.

To Note:

Just to note that the Zoe Dressup Game extends the Dressup Blueprint. So a lot of the core code is the same between them.

Whilst your are checking out the code if you find any mistakes, unclear documentation or the like, then go ahead and make the correct changes and make a pull request. We do want the code to be the best it can, and if you think it’s not then help us out.

Two new HTML5 Game Blueprints

Hi team! Today I am pleased to announce the addition of two new HTML5 Game Blueprints. If you’re wondering how make Candy Crush or how to make Bejeweled, we’ve got a Blueprint for that! If you’re wondering how to make your own Dwarf Fortress or Nethack game game we’ve got a Blueprint for that too! 

ZOMG! Downloads NOW please!

We hope you enjoy these. If you find that we’ve helped make your life as a game developer even a little bit easier we’d love to know about it and hear your stories. If you fancy contributing or getting involved with our community please take a look around our Github repository and chime on in.

An HTML5 Hidden Object Game Blueprint… game

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 4.55.50 pm

Since Time immemorial game players and developers have been playing and making Hidden object games (sometimes called a hidden picture game), a genre of puzzle game in which the player must find hidden objects from a list that are hidden within a picture, we aim to continue this tradition by releasing the first HTML5 Hidden Object Game Blueprint for developers so that they can quickly and easily create their own Hidden Object games.

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An HTML5 Dress-up Game called Zoe


This demo has since been updated and now is contained within its own repo. You can view the new Zoe Dressup blueprint here.

Here’s an example HTML5 Dress-up game that we put together. Like most Dress-up games it comes with the following features:

  • Buttons for cycling through different images
  • A randomize character button
  • A reset character button
  • The ability to toggle to a “show / preview” state
  • The ability to print your creation
  • The ability to save your creation as an image

So have a play and let us know what you think. The Zoe Game extends the Dress-up Game Blueprint that we’ve made by adding the ability to cycle through different characters. We’ll be making both Zoe game and the Dress-up Game Blueprint available within in the next couple of days. So stay tuned…