Fast Fibre HTML5 Game


Yes, it’s the Mayor of Porirua Nick Leggett battling to bring fast fibre to the whole of Porirua, while trying to avoid a posse of zombies intent on eating his brains.

Do you want fast fibre for Porirua? Then help Nick Leggett on his quest!

By playing the game and tweeting your score you will also win points for Porirua’s campaign to be the first Gigatown in the Southern hemisphere!

» Play Fast Fibre

Introducing Kiwi.js v 1.0 “Iwatani”


Today we officially launch Kiwi.js. We reckon it is the world’s easiest to use HTML5 game framework. It’s fun, blazingly fast, it’s free and open source, was built in New Zealand and exists so that fellow game developers can easily make mobile and desktop browser-based games (that look like this one ) and publish those games to the various App Stores.

It is fast. Faster than a real Kiwi, that’s for sure. Last time we checked our national icon didn’t have a custom built WebGL renderer. And although they are furry and adorable, there is no way you could get the flightless bird to play nice on Canvas.

So you want to make a game? Its easy, you simply download Kiwi.js from our github repository or use one of our automated building scripts to get you started. It has been designed to be easily extended by community contributors and we’ve collaborated with AmigaOS champion — Trevor Dickinson — to get v 1.0 out to the world.

Kiwi.js is for web developers looking to become game developers, Action Script (Flash) developers looking to move into the HTML5 space and it is for existing HTML5 game developers looking to join a smashing new community.

And if you’re a business looking for help and need proper support we’re here to look after your needs and help make your transition into the HTML5 gaming space a good one. As such we’ve already got some partners on board using the engine. A game based on award-winning children’s show The WotWots — co-created by Lord of the Rings visual effects Academy Award winner Sir Richard Taylor — and iPad sci-fi strategy game Stand Off for Nyuk Nyuk Games.

We decided early on that in order for Kiwi.js to be successful we must follow in the footsteps of other open source projects. We really admire WordPress’ efforts the most in this sense. From their extendable infrastructure for developers to make plugins, and an open source ecosystem where developers can make stuff, sell stuff and collaborate on stuff, they are an awesome role model.

Oh yeah, whats with the funny name? WordPress name each major release after a famous Jazz Musician (they like their Jazz). In a similar vein we decided we would pay our respects to the game creator legends who mean so much to us growing up at the dawn of gaming history. So here’s a salute to veteran arcade game developer and creator of the original Pac-Man Arcade game  Toru Iwatani.

Download Kiwi.js

Kiwi.js is available for download from our Github repository and from our website. If you want to follow along or help out, check out our how to contribute section and our core development blog. Thanks for choosing Kiwi.js. See you soon!

A new HTML5 Conference Game – The Project


Every year a group people with deep knowledge in their area of speciality congregate in Auckland to attend “The Project”, a conference hosted by AUT and orgnanzied by our friend Hal Josephson, the Founder of MediaSense. With speakers from Twitter, Buzz Media and Universal Music NZ, this years conference did not disappoint! By far my favourite take away from the conference was Cameron Gawley Co-Founder and CEO, BuzzShift talking about how Netflix came up with the concept House of Cards. Wow!

Anyway our role was to come up with a game around disruption and “Project Disrupt” is what we came up with. A cute HTML5 Top-Down conference game where attendees can login and interact with the speakers and the sponsors of the event. This game is disruptive for a couple of reasons, (a) because it took us just a couple of days to make (remember once upon a time games took MONTHS to build), and (b) because it is built using HTML5 which for those who don’t know is a web standards compliant technology that will run on just about everything – staggeringly last year alone over 1B HTML5 capable devices were sold!

While this game took us only 2 days to develop, it took about 4 full days to draw all of the art work! A big shout out to our friend Niko for doing such an amazing job on that – it looks totally stunning!!!

The game was announced on the second day of the conference, over 160 people played and went in the draw to win a new Samsung Galaxy S5. Boom!

Play Project Disrupt – The Game!

A new game called “-90″


Hi team, here’s a new HTML5 game that we put together in Kiwi.JS

Don’t let the somewhat familiar graphic style fool you, our game is a fast-paced tapper with no room for error.

This came about when one of our community members suggested that we needed more original content to compliment the upcoming Kiwi.JS V1 launch. As such we decided to make a simple, score-driven game that a user can learn within 30 seconds, and was tap based.

In homage to 2048, one of the biggest distractions on the internet (second only to Twitter), we present to you our new game, -90.

Please let us know what you think, or even better, tell us your high score!

Play -90 (negative 90) Game 

Two new HTML5 Game Blueprints

Hi team! Today I am pleased to announce the addition of two new HTML5 Game Blueprints. If you’re wondering how make Candy Crush or how to make Bejeweled, we’ve got a Blueprint for that! If you’re wondering how to make your own Dwarf Fortress or Nethack game game we’ve got a Blueprint for that too! 

ZOMG! Downloads NOW please!

We hope you enjoy these. If you find that we’ve helped make your life as a game developer even a little bit easier we’d love to know about it and hear your stories. If you fancy contributing or getting involved with our community please take a look around our Github repository and chime on in.

An HTML5 Hidden Object Game Blueprint… game

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 4.55.50 pm

Since Time immemorial game players and developers have been playing and making Hidden object games (sometimes called a hidden picture game), a genre of puzzle game in which the player must find hidden objects from a list that are hidden within a picture, we aim to continue this tradition by releasing the first HTML5 Hidden Object Game Blueprint for developers so that they can quickly and easily create their own Hidden Object games.

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StandOff update #2

We received an update from our friends over at Tub Jumper HQ regarding our first serious HTML5 game title, StandOff. All of the Ground Units (except for the Sniper Tank) have undergone a well deserved paint job… this can only mean one thing… that the game is getting closer! Is the game getting closer you ask? Why yes I do believe it is.

Here’s a quick look at the Armoured Personnel Carrier from design through to final game asset.

Armoured Personnel Carrier 

Not much to look at, but it sure comes in handy. With a roof mounted machine gun, this beast will roll forward deploying your troops and laying down cover fire. Great for pushing past enemy lines.




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An HTML5 Dress-up Game called Zoe


This demo has since been updated and now is contained within its own repo. You can view the new Zoe Dressup blueprint here.

Here’s an example HTML5 Dress-up game that we put together. Like most Dress-up games it comes with the following features:

  • Buttons for cycling through different images
  • A randomize character button
  • A reset character button
  • The ability to toggle to a “show / preview” state
  • The ability to print your creation
  • The ability to save your creation as an image

So have a play and let us know what you think. The Zoe Game extends the Dress-up Game Blueprint that we’ve made by adding the ability to cycle through different characters. We’ll be making both Zoe game and the Dress-up Game Blueprint available within in the next couple of days. So stay tuned…

Introducing StandOff

QClassSometimes it’s hard to imagine a certain game engine without the game, just look at Flixel and Canabalt. StandOff will be our first signature HTML5 game. Designed as an iPad App StandOff represents a novel two player touch experience, the game brings together a mixture of tower defense and RTS game play.

Each Player is in command of an arsenal of cannons, Troops, Tanks and Tubs. Beginning with methodical strategy, each game promises to divulge into panicked taps on the screen, endless rematches and the occasional broken friendship… or iPad

All this action unfolds in the scutum crux, an empty tract of the Milky Way where the desperate head in search of something better. They call these pilgrims from Earth Tub Jumpers. More often than not these desperate folk become grunts in a war for supremacy over this vast territory – The result is carnage.

For more information on StandOff and our collaboration between IP creators Nyuk Nyuk point your browsers to Stay tuned for regular StandOff updates…