Particle Effect Plugin

Plugin | Designed for Kiwi.JS

Particle Effect Plugin

Plugin Version 1.2.0

Requires Kiwi.JS 1.2.1

Last Updated 03/02/2015


+ Complimentary support!

This Plugin adds particle effect handling and rendering capability to your game. Use this plugin as the basis to add your own particle effects to your next game or in combination with any of our Particle effects Plugins.

Particle effect systems use a large number of small textures that are emitted to simulate complex visual phenomena in real-time without the large performance overhead of rendering multiple animated sprites. Particle effects are usually used to replicate fire, explosions, smoke, moving water, sparks, falling leaves, clouds, fog, snow, dust, glowing trails, magic spells, etc.


  • Optimized for WebGL.
  • Developer friendly.
  • Lots of Documentation.
  • Compatible with official particle effects plugins.