A long time ago in the mists of time when Flash was still the go-to for doing stuff on The Internet, a group of developers got together to make a small service-based company in downtown Wellington. They went on to make a thing called Gamefroot. Not satisfied with making the best e-commerce and game creation software out there they turned their eyes to building a new open source game framework that would be darn fast.

So Kiwi.js 1.0 ‘Iwantani’ was born. Kiwi.js is a mobile & desktop browser based HTML5 game framework. It uses CocoonJS for publishing to the AppStore. The team saw the need to break out of Flash and the web and embrace HTML5. It was a natural progression from services to tools and products to building an open source game framework.

We don’t mean to brag (too much), but Kiwi.js is fast. With hardware accelerated WebGL rendering, you can expect your games to be easily deployed across mobile and desktop browsers. But wait, games can also be deployed to mobile devices as native apps, using the CocoonJS framework.

Our mission is to follow the best open source community practices. We’re backing that up by providing professional support when its needed, so everyone,  commercial developers as well as indies, feel the love. And we do think you’re going to feel the love! What couldn’t you love about a game engine that is named after a fluffy adorable bird and one of the world’s greatest game inventors?

Read more about how Kiwi works over on our github page.

Kiwi.js has been a collaborative effort driven by humans and part-funded by the New Zealand Government through the Callaghan Innovation fund.

Dan Milward
You may know Dan from his WordPress e-Commerce Plugin and Gamefroot. You can follow Dan on Twitter here.

Trevor Dickinson
Amiga evangelist who got involved with Kiwi.js as a funder through GameLab. Check out his personal blog here.

Callaghan Innovation
Callaghan Innovation is a recently established crown entity that has a focus on inspiring and supporting innovation and commercialisation in New Zealand. Find out more about how it funds cool projects like ours here.

Provide a slick game engine that makes it easy to create HTML5 games that work across platforms.
Mobile especially — games will work on your laptop or your iPhone, it don’t matter to Kiwi. We know mobile is the way in which most people are choosing to devour games, but Interoperability (to use a long word just cos we can) is still important so users can game anywhere, anytime on anything.

We also build tools, plugins, and modules for the engine to add to its functionality and performance and to the needs of the community.

Making HTML5 games for customers and IP partners using Kiwi.js is also another way we are getting out into the gaming community.

We’ve had some great little games come out including

Project Disrupt
A game we made for ‘The Project’ — a conference on social media and tech stuff that happens every couple of years in Auckland. In 2014 the theme was ‘Disrupt’ so we developed this fun little game in a few days so participants could get to know the speakers and sponsors.
Play Project Disrupt here.

Fast Fibre
In it’s bid to win the title of Gigatown, Porirua City Council asked us to develop a game to encourage its citizens to get involved in the campaign.
Play Fast Fibre here.

This is the most challenging game that we’re developing at the moment. In partnership with Nyuk Nyuk we’re developing this two-player RTS game we’ve lovingly called Standoff. It’s going to be awesome.
Findout more about Standoff here.

For more examples of Kiwi.js in action, check out this page.

HTML5 Game Development
If you us want to build your HTML5 game, and trust us you want us to build your game, please get in touch.

Democratising game creation is the next big push for Kiwi.js. We want to make creating games easy and fun for anybody. Integrated Kiwi into Gamefroot is a big step in that direction and will make game creation accessible, easy, and fun for professional game makers, hobbyists, indie developers and educators alike.

We will also focus on building support for the Kiwi.js community of users. Making it easier for you to use and build awesome games and get help when you need it is a top priority. We want to ensure everyone using Kiwi feels the love.

Finding IP partners to work with to build games that showcase the blazing potential of the platform is also key. We’ve already got a few people on board. As mentioned above we’re working with Nyuk Nyuk games on Stand Off.

Our ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between education and commercialisation. People — especially young people — will be able to go through their journey of figuring out how to create games, making games, and then selling them. This will allow people to tap into the multi billion dollar games industry easily.

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