New Updates: KiwiJS v1.2.1, Particles v1.2.0

Announcing two new update releases in the KiwiJS family. KiwiJS v1.2.1 fixes some bugs, and WebGL Particles Plugin v1.2.0 updates the plugin to use KiwiJS 1.2.x standards.

KiwiJS v1.2.1 is available on Github. This is a patch release, resolving bug fixes and improving performance. It does not include new API functionality. Release notes include:

  • Animation could, under certain circumstances, freeze for a few seconds before playing. This was due to accidentally starting in 1970 and scrambling to catch up. This is no longer possible.
  • Clock.rate will now equal 0 if the clock is paused or stopped.
  • Correct documentation for TextField and Kiwi.HUD.Widget.MenuItem to show proper constructor information.
  • Non-looping animations now refer to the correct cells when played a second time.
  • State.create now fires after file loading is complete. Logs no longer overlap between loading and creating.
  • MasterClock now starts today, rather than 1970, avoiding anomalous results on first frame.

Update: The bugfix had a bug, which has been hotfixed. Downloads should now work properly.

WebGL Particles Plugin v1.2.0 is available on Github. This is a minor release, adding functionality. The main purpose of this release is to add compatibility with features in KiwiJS v1.2.x. Features include:

  • Upgrade to KiwiJS v1.2.0
  • Add setColor and getColor methods, allowing you to use Kiwi.Utils.Color style color values.
  • Add clock property to drive particle animation based on in-game rather than game-independent time
  • Config parser is stricter with numbers expressed as strings. It can find and correct most of these errors. This is not an issue in many browsers, but it has caused problems in CocoonJS.

We hope these releases are useful. Let us know how they work out!

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