Kiwi.JS 1.1.1 reporting for duty.

Hello again! Today we bring to you an update to Kiwi.JS. Version 1.1.1 introduces some bug fixes and updates for currently existing systems in Kiwi to make it more stable. We’ve taken particular care to make CocoonJS work really well for this release.

Systems Changed

  • Blend modes now work correctly in CocoonJS when deviceTarget: Kiwi.TARGET_COCOON is set, fixing a number of bugs. This allows CocoonJS deployment to a wider range of devices with more reliable quality.
  • Methods on a number of Geometric Objects (such as the angleTo method on Point) have been fixed.
  • Mouse events (down, up, scrollwheel and move) now prevent the default action from escaping to the rest of the page.
  • For CocoonJS the default stage colour is now ‘#000000′. Even if your game doesn’t fill the entire screen, the WebGL renderer will use this colour to fill all parts outside of the game area.

More details on the specific bugs which were looked into can be found on the Kiwi.JS repo under the 1.1.1 milestone.

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