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Every year a group people with deep knowledge in their area of speciality congregate in Auckland to attend “The Project”, a conference hosted by AUT and orgnanzied by our friend Hal Josephson, the Founder of MediaSense. With speakers from Twitter, Buzz Media and Universal Music NZ, this years conference did not disappoint! By far my favourite take away from the conference was Cameron Gawley Co-Founder and CEO, BuzzShift talking about how Netflix came up with the concept House of Cards. Wow!

Anyway our role was to come up with a game around disruption and “Project Disrupt” is what we came up with. A cute HTML5 Top-Down conference game where attendees can login and interact with the speakers and the sponsors of the event. This game is disruptive for a couple of reasons, (a) because it took us just a couple of days to make (remember once upon a time games took MONTHS to build), and (b) because it is built using HTML5 which for those who don’t know is a web standards compliant technology that will run on just about everything – staggeringly last year alone over 1B HTML5 capable devices were sold!

While this game took us only 2 days to develop, it took about 4 full days to draw all of the art work! A big shout out to our friend Niko for doing such an amazing job on that – it looks totally stunning!!!

The game was announced on the second day of the conference, over 160 people played and went in the draw to win a new Samsung Galaxy S5. Boom!

Play Project Disrupt – The Game!

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