An HTML5 Hidden Object Game Blueprint… game

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Since Time immemorial game players and developers have been playing and making Hidden object games (sometimes called a hidden picture game), a genre of puzzle game in which the player must find hidden objects from a list that are hidden within a picture, we aim to continue this tradition by releasing the first HTML5 Hidden Object Game Blueprint for developers so that they can quickly and easily create their own Hidden Object games.

Hidden Object games are an incredibly popular trend in the casual gaming space and are popular amongst all demographics and to prove it we’ve put together the following example game to wet your whistle.

We will be releasing the Hidden Object Game Blueprint, to you, our beloved community members as soon as possible. Stay tuned.

Update: The HTML5 Hidden Object Game Blueprint is alive!!! Download it now.

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  1. Thanks for that!! We take great pride in what we do – let us know if you have any additional feedback and indeed whether or not you end up making a game using our blueprint :)

  2. sarah

    Excited to use this! It looks perfect for the game I want to make. I’ve tried using other engines but had little luck getting what I needed out if them while this seems to be perfect. Thanks!

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