In-App Purchasing Plugin

Plugin | Designed for Kiwi.JS

In-App Purchasing Plugin

Plugin Version 1.0.0

Requires Kiwi.JS 1.0+

Last Updated 28/05/2014


+ Complimentary support!

The CocoonJS In-App purchasing Plugin allows you to easily start selling consumable products within your game or your app.

This plugin includes a number of example shops including an example fashioned off the kingdom rush shop, a wealth of documentation and premium customer support.

Setting up a shop with CocoonJS has never been this easy!!


  • Easily monetize your CocoonJS App in iTunes or Google Play.
  • Includes three different examples, including one of how you can sell in-game currency.
  • Customer Support.

Information & Requirements

  • That you're using CocoonJS to publish your game.
  • Currently support Apple and Google App Stores.

View documentation for more info