An HTML5 Dress-up Game called Zoe


This demo has since been updated and now is contained within its own repo. You can view the new Zoe Dressup blueprint here.

Here’s an example HTML5 Dress-up game that we put together. Like most Dress-up games it comes with the following features:

  • Buttons for cycling through different images
  • A randomize character button
  • A reset character button
  • The ability to toggle to a “show / preview” state
  • The ability to print your creation
  • The ability to save your creation as an image

So have a play and let us know what you think. The Zoe Game extends the Dress-up Game Blueprint that we’ve made by adding the ability to cycle through different characters. We’ll be making both Zoe game and the Dress-up Game Blueprint available within in the next couple of days. So stay tuned…

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  1. vick

    Hi Dan- Can you please help with the following?

    1. How did you make this zoe, purely in CSS/html5 & no flash at all?

    2. Would you know any free tools out there where I can add custom images umm let’s say for cars where i could customize them ??


  2. Hey Vick,

    This game was made using Kiwi.JS, so it is just HTML 5, no flash at all. Now the library uses JavaScript, so currently we don’t use much CSS 3, but there is not real reason why you couldn’t.

    With your second question, what kind of tools functionality are you wanting from the tools? Like photo-manipulation, or something else.


  3. irafiq

    Hi all,
    i think your library is amazing , I’ve reviewed a lot of libraries but i think Kiwi.js is most simple and powerful one , i wait until “Zoe” is released as a blue print as i’m currently developing similar functionality mobile app, that using 2Dmodel and dynamic texture , so can you provide me guidance about sources for getting the sample models , and if kiwi support dynamic textures ?

  4. Hey Guys, I’m looking into the Zoe game now so it should hopefully be released by the end of the day. Sorry about the delay, we’ve been busy preparing to release a few games on our end :)

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